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Originally Posted by cooler2442 View Post
The right side looks like it's touching the carbon fiber diffuser. That will completely burn the carbon weave and deform it to make it look horrible. Trust me I've seen it happen with certain exhausts.
Yeah we talked about the passenger side pipe having a slip fit with a clamp and the hanger be adjustable so that it can be adjusted to not hit the diffuser and account for some variance. This was just a mock up and the production one will not rub the diffuser

Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
Doesn't look bad, but as others have said, you shouldn't be able to see the can once the diffuser is on. If nothing can be done, I'd paint everything black to mask it better. This is what I did with my Inside Performance quad setup, and you can't see anything.

I wouldn't get it simply because it sticks the pipes too far out to the sides like the 1M. I like the pipes closer to the center of the car, like the E46M3 and Z4M etc. Just personal preference!
I wasnt a fan of the Hartage style. I have seen a few cars with it and I personally like the 1M style better. I think the back end of the car is too small to have the tips that close to each other like on the hartage/E46 M3. If someone wants to buy me a Hartage Style Diffuser, Im sure I could talk Megan Racing into producing an exhaust for that diffuser as well.

We talked about a black muffler as well because of how the muffler hangs and because they offer a black coating on some of their "stealth" mufflers already so it would be simple to do. I will let them know that the feedback we are getting is for a black muffler/one that is less visible. Thanks!
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