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Originally Posted by loesch View Post
More rubber in contact with the road = more traction. Less rotational mass = faster acceleration. +1 death to run flats. Why bother when I can press the SOS button on the roof and get a free fix-a-flat.
Actually, that is not quite true. A wider tire will NOT give you a larger contact patch, only a wider contact patch. The only things that determine the SIZE of the contact patch is the weight on that wheel, and the pressure in the tire.

For example, 340 lbs sitting on a tire inflated to 34 PSI will mean a 10 square inch contact patch. Double the pressure and the patch will be half the size, cut the pressure in half, and the patch will be double the size.

And on that note, can not wait to order a set of nice wide Mich PSS on Apex rims for my car. Wider contact patch means better handling.