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Originally Posted by mb135is View Post
There doesn't seem to be a perfect option, which would be exhaust tips that just fit correctly. I might just suck it up and do the CF diffuser and the deck spoiler - they really look good together on 1ers in person. And on Space Gray, the CF doesn't stand out too much. I'd have a hard time paying for it then getting it painted. And I don't intend on getting the other versions - fitment and quality matter to me.
It's pick your evil I suppose. Wish there were some way to just tuck it in a bit. Love the sound of it, but kinda prefer the look of the black chrome that doesn't stick out as far on the normal 135, but then again, don't have my "is" yet.

Have you seen the carbon fiber deck spoiler one of the companies on here sells that is carbon fiber on top and partially underneath, but also painted body color on the underside? It's interesting looking. Would have to see it in person and wish it sat more flush.

Haven't seen any carbon fiber on mineral grey, but imagine it'd be even less noticeable since it's darker than space. If only BMW made the same rear diffuser they make in carbon fiber just in the same matte plastic piece as the original diffuser, which would probably cost a lot less too.

Hopefully we can crack the code, solve the matrix, and figure out the optimum solution...which may just be to save the money and perhaps say it's the only thing wrong with the car.