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Originally Posted by M130ISWP View Post
No. We've tried everything except opening up the engine and stripping the vanos.

All the sensors are fine

Speaking of Vanos... Out of curiosity... are you running a very thick engine oil? I ask this bc I remember a Porsche tech friend of mine told me of this 911 they had to buy back. It kept throwing an engine check light and had reduced power. They had replaced all the sensors and vanous stuff... in the end... PCNA bought the car back. Then the tech did an oil change before sending the car to Porsche. THAT fixed the car. Seems the owner was using some really thick oil... and that was preventing the solenoid from changing the camshaft timing! It might be worth a try. Porsche pecs something like 5w30 I think for their 911 Turbo's. Using a thicker oil actually caused the CEL to throw and reduce the engine power.