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Originally Posted by germ View Post
There's no way those screws are M8. In Mx, x means the screw thread diameter. Just by measuring it you know what screw that is. Besides, I took the part to the hardware store and tried the sizing samples to make sure.

Yes, I don't think the light would fit without cutting that ridge unless you are trying to jam it in. Don't think that helps with holding it snug, either. The screws and rubber seal will hold it in place firmly.

I wonder how long the replacement will last.
I did not have to jam it in. With the ridge still attached, mine slid right in no problems. There was no forcing or jamming action required. If you want to be very critical of the DIY then I will remove this one and you can post your own with all the proper things you wish to see in it. I was merely trying to be helpful to the community for those who are out of warranty.

I'm going on two months now but thanks for the advice and education on screw sizes.
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