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Originally Posted by ChrisBuer View Post
You're driving along and notice a car pull alongside you slowly, checking out the 1M from back to front, looking at the angles (presumably to confirm what it is), then give you a big grin and a thumbs up.

However what makes it even better is the driver giving you the thumbs up is driving a brand new, bright yellow, Ferrari 458 Italia!!

I did laugh as I looked back at him and gave him a smile and thumbs up at his car. He then gave it a blast so that I could hear the Ferrari war cry. Stunning!!
I had this happen once, nice day out, I see an absolutely stunning new dark blue ferrari pull alongside, a father and his son gawking at the car... He drops the window, tells me how stunning the VO, lines and everything else are, and procedes drops the hammer on that glorious 12 cylinder beast!