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LONG POST, You've just been warned! Since this thread is resurrected I got to tell this: 1M gets constant attention here from everyone, mostly also because mine is a VO, I have seen other two color specimen here, it seemed to me that other than me very few people if any notice BSM or AW 1Ms since the model is largely unkown in Chile.

My biggest surprise lately was when a very young guy (max 20 or less) approached to me while I was parking at a seaside restaurant's parking lot and pointing a Range Rover, also parking, told me that "his dad wants to buy my car if I am selling it and can pay tomorrow in cash"! Well my reaction was "What?, No, thanks but not for sale, hopefully never" also thinking that this was a practical joke or a trap. Then, a while later when me and my friend was welcomed at the bar of the restaurant to wait for minimum an hour to get a table (no reservations there) I saw this guy having a table together with his "dad" and someone else who could be his brother without waiting a sec. So! They did not need to wait like normal people too! I approached their table and told the guy that if they are really interested in buying a 1M I know at least one which was for sale (info that I had from my service workshop which receives some other 1Ms). They thanked and insisted to have a lunch together which we accepted. It was a fun chat and a good lunch, the "dad" turned out to be a quite rich businessman (I mean rich as Forbes magazine rich) and a car nut as well; he and his sons had a multiple car garage including Nurburgring edition R34 GT-R Vspec, Honda/Acura NSX, Aston Martin DB9, BMW 335i, BMW 2002ti, Range Rover etc. etc.

Also, dad's brother I was told to be the real big car nut of this particular family since he owns a garage counting a series of high end Porsches, Ferraris including a 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo among others, and 2 or 3 Pagani Zonda (they had a discussion about that, 2 or 3), one is a roadster, other being the ONE AND ONLY 760 RS I was provided with quick photos of the (car museum looking) garage and later a Google Chile detailed search showed me that everything they said was true. 2 weeks later we were already invited for a Sunday barbecue at their gorgeous and art work filled mansion and while some were having dessert I chose to ask for a ride in the NSX which was accompanied by the GT-R (I switched to second car on the way back, I'd take the NSX for myself if asked).

They still want to buy my car and I still don't sell it of course but I continue meeting them, good friends now; also constantly thinking about making-up excuses to get myself in or at least around of that Zonda 760 RS.

So yeah, 1M rocks
"The mark of a great car is one whose overall competence exceeds what you should expect from its individual components and the 1M does just that", Chris Harris.
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