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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
My biggest surprise lately was when a very young guy (max 20 or less) approached to me while I was parking at a seaside restaurant's parking lot and pointing a Range Rover, also parking, told me that "his dad wants to buy my car if I am selling it and can pay tomorrow in cash"! [...]
"[D]ad" [...]and his sons had a multiple car garage including Nurburgring edition R34 GT-R Vspec, Honda/Acura NSX, Aston Martin DB9, BMW 335i, BMW 2002ti, Range Rover etc. etc.
Also, dad's brother [...] owns a garage counting a series of high end Porsches, Ferraris including a 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo among others, and 2 or 3 Pagani Zonda (they had a discussion about that, 2 or 3), one is a roadster, other being the ONE AND ONLY 760 RS [...]
2 weeks later we were already invited for a Sunday barbecue at their gorgeous and art work filled mansion [...]
They still want to buy my car and I still don't sell it of course but I continue meeting them, good friends now
Play hard to get, Oz: "My 1M ? Hm, I might cut you a deal if you throw in the Enzo."

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