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Arg. Happened again today. I was at a PCA autocross running in 3rd overall with a shot at second- not bad for a stock car on street rubber (PSS), the cars in front were on real rubber. 3rd pass of the afternoon I lost boost close to the end of the run. It seems engine temperature related same as last time I'd been pushing hard at relatively low speed, and while oil temps were OK the engine probably got hotter than usual.

Not a nice way to end the day. Something seems to be "sticking" when the car is pushed hard for a long period- boost was fine one second, then gone the next, but with no obvious external leaks. I can't think of much that would stick other than the wastegate....

Again I noticed it 20 minutes before the car threw the engine light, so I suspect it may not be the computer shutting down the fun early.
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