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Thanks for the bump. It's still up for sale for anyone looking. Make an offer please!

As for the ER FMIC and Chargepipe; I didn't run any kind of a dyno test before or after installation, so I can't speak for concrete numbers. However, going by butt-dyno, it felt like a minimal power increase. Getting onto the freeway onramp after installation (ER is local to me), did feel a bit quicker.

I went with an HKS BOV; but it's ridiculously loud. I don't condone it, but I've had some "spirited driving" on the freeway with some friends late at night. Even several cars lengths back, with their radios on, they've said they could hear the blow off. One other thing to know about the HKS SQV is that it's a "universal" application. Not sure if it bothers you or not to know that you have a "universal" part rather than a part made specifically for your car. You can somewhat mitigate how loud the BoV is by accelerating slowly, and shifting just before 2000 RPM. This is actually kind of saving me gas.

I've since also gotten a COBB AccessPORT and can run the Stage 1 +FMIC. That's made the most noticable gain in butt-dyno power out of all of my mods, but I guess these gains wouldn't be felt the same way if I had gone COBB AccessPORT first. The less restrictive exhaust and the denser, cooler air from the FMIC probably make a difference.

I don't know if the Intercooler Shroud makes a difference, it came with the intercooler and chargepipe during ER's Black Friday Sale. It looks cool though.
On the topic of the shroud, it'd be move visible if I were to cut/remove the plastic grill in front of it, but IMO, it's there for a reason: protect the intercooler a bit from little rocks and other debris; insects, etc.

I had gone to Willow Springs International Raceway with it (Auto-X), and oil temps did rise. They got to 1 peg over the halfway oil temp (hotter than ever daily driving), but never went higher than that. An S2000 running that day stopped running, saying that his temps were too high. I'm going to Willow Springs again for Big Willow on the 24th. I'm thinking of getting an Oil Cooler in the future (probably also ER, but I'm also looking at Advan).

Hope that answered your question.

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