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Kind of a big deal

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Originally Posted by Pete_vB View Post
Unfortunately by the time I got there to pick up the car the mechanics had gone home, and they couldn't produce the actual charge pipe. Notes simply say cracked.

Yes, the dealer was willing to install an aftermarket pipe. Not sure if I'll try to get something in writing that says it won't void my warranty, or if I just go with it assuming they couldn't use installation as an excuse to void as they did in Dan Parker's case.

I agree it's annoying more than anything, glad it wasn't serious.
not sure of you're being rhetorical, but DO get it in writing.

BMW's approach in this issue so far is infuriating: if you're the picture perfect ///M driver and push the car as intended, you're made to waist a significant amount time to see a dealer to get it changed. If you're proactive by replacing it, they show no common sense in their warranty dealings.