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Originally Posted by daixloxbmw View Post
Friend: You know you shouldn't do that, right?
Me: Do what?
Friend: Shifting like that. (I was manually shifting on my 7DCT, not WOT or aggressive at all, just regular cruising)
Me: Why?
Friend: Because it is bad for your transmission. Hurts the gears. Wears them out faster. You should just leave it in automatic mode.
Me: How is that any different? It will still shift like I am shifting manually.
Friend: It is safer when the computer does it. When you do it, you might grind the gears if you don't time it right. (gesturing a shift change like a manual transmission, I assume he believes there is a mechanical link between my shift knob and the actual transmission).
I don't know where to even start with this...
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