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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
As long as what ever you use has a "BMW Long Life-1" or "LL-1" rating you will be fine.

I really prefer Castrol oil. BMW does too. I really did not buy into this Castrol stuff in the beginning. At first I was using Mobil-1 LL-1 0w40 oil. Then I decided to "try" German Castol RS Edge LL-1 0w40. I noticed two things at first... 1), with the Castrol my engine was MUCH quieter on cold starts. Much less metallic tapping. Also the engine seemed to warm up faster AND the oil temp gauge would read about two needle widths cooler than with the Mobil-1.

I was sold on using Castrol oil since then. The Castrol oil really seems to work better in our cars. Just my two cents worth.
Thanks Dack!
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