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I have a 128i which came with the base stereo an yes it sucked. Can't really blame BMW. They advertise ultimate driving machine and not Ultimate Audio Machine. I went to my local car audio shop and they tried to tear me a new one financially. I did some searching online and I came across Ken and the MusicarNorthwest group. Ken is really great to work with and very informative. As for the package I got, it was the Level 2 audio package with the new tweeters, replaced door and under the seat woofers. I wanted a clean stock look but still have some thump. Let me just say this was an awesome investment. My buddy I carpooled with thought I had some new surround sound equipment put in when he heard it. He asked where I put the sub and was surprised to find out that there wasn't one. That's how alive the sound came. Aside from having a sweet ride to commute in, I have a sweet sound system to go along with it. The installer that did the job was amazed at how clean and easy Ken and his team had things set up for plug and play. My co-worker that I told about the project thought it was a waste but after hearing it couldn't help but smile. I take notice of stand up businesses and MusicarNW gets my vote. If you have a problem, they take it personal and will make sure it gets resolved. Top notch professionalism.