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Originally Posted by SteveAZ View Post
LOL, will everybody that has never had this problem and has a PPK installed please chime in...
I was thinking the same thing! I thought it was just me!

Originally Posted by SteveAZ View Post
OP, you mention you have a Cobb and M3 transmission mounts....what else have you done, what map are you running, what fuel are you running, and how many miles on the car?
I'm currently running the Stage 1 Aggressive tune, I have the BMWP exhaust and resonator delete, and I also fitted a BMWP SSK and removed the CDV when I fitted the M3 tranny mounts. However, the idle threw the odd wobble before all the transmission mods. I'm fairly sure it did it before the Cobb tune, as well. I was told it was normal, but yesterday's strong throbs with the new plugs made me think otherwise. The wobbles didn't seem as strong again today though.

Car has just under 37k miles on the clock and I only run it on Shell VPower since I bought it last year on approx 34k miles. Shell VPower is a premium 99RON fuel that we have here in the UK. (I understand the octane ratings vary between the US and UK?)

Car appears to run fine (and smooth as butter) once it's revving. As I said before, no fault codes are logged on the ECU (that the Cobb AP can read anyway - can it read shadow codes?).