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Originally Posted by TheRuss View Post
Hi Dackel - it's possible, and that's what I was wondering, being that the plugs had just been changed before it got more severe feeling. Before the plug change it wasn't that noticable.

However, the Cobb isn't showing up any faults, so I'm not sure how to diagnose which coil pack it could be? Without any fault codes, it could be any of them. Or does the lack of fault codes mean that the coil packs are fine?
You should remove each coil pack and check for any arc tracing. Also look for any cracks. Its not uncommon for the coil packs to split apart when trying to remove them. Maybe your tech was sloppy and broke one? Or maybe the electrical connector is not full seated. It happens.

Checking the spark plug gap isn't a bad idea either.

135i Spark Plug replacement DIY...

IF you continue to drive the car... your problem will only get worse with time and miles. You could have a bad injector too ? Did you ever have the injector recall done? Did they replace all six?