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Last summer I ran the following wheels/tires:

F: 19"x8.5" et35 - 215/35/19
R: 19"x9.5" et45 - 235/30/19

The tires were Yokohama S.drives, so they had a pretty rounded shoulder (compared to the wide square shoulders on the PSS) were slightly stretched. I'm lowered on coilovers set to their max height, but still like an inch lower than stock. I had finally gotten my suspension and camber set up so that I would almost never rub, only against the inside fenders on the passenger side at high speeds on very big dips. Usually the front but on one huge dip at highway speed the rear did as well. Bumps were no problem.

I want to upgrade to PSS, but I don't want to rub. They aren't available in as many sizes as the yokos were, so I pretty much have one option for the front (10 mm wider) and 3 for the rear:

F: 225/35/19
R: 235/30/19 (same as before), 245/35/19, or 255/30/19

I am willing to do a moderate fender roll to accommodate the PSS (I don't want the fender paint to get that weird warped effect), but want to appeal to the wheel gurus on here who have had more experience. I have two basic questions..

1) I know the PSS have square shoulders and run wide. Considering I barely rubbed with those stretched sizes before, do you think the 10 mm wider, squarer PSS can be mounted with a light to moderate fender roll and the same minimal rub? I know if I was using the same, round shouldered tires, 10 mm wouldn't be a problem, but its the square shoulders that worry me.

2) What size for the rear? I know last years rear tires were a little more stretched than I'd normally like, so I'd hope to avoid stretching the michelins quite so much and upsize... So my options are basically 10 mm wider and 5 mm taller, or 20 mm wider and the same profile. What would be less likely to rub against the inside fender? Again, I'd be getting a light to moderate fender roll on all 4 corners.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! I've been toying around with "bang for the buck" tires for too long. They're good and all, but with meth I just need the traction that the big kahuna PSS looks like it can give. I was also looking at star specs, but they seem to be more suited to autoX than street, are just as square (if not more), and don't last as long.

Once in a while someone also chimes in saying "get wheels that fit better" on one of these threads, so ill say now that I don't want to because a) I really like these wheels and they're discontinued b) the price I got them for was so good that even factoring in the money on fender rolls or even possible camber plates and they're still cheaper than something like VMRs, and c) I like the uniqueness

Thank you for looking