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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
Bad news, don't try it! I would not recommend anyone with et 45 rear wheels on a One series to try 255 width Michelin PSS's. I'm sure even et50 would rub, especially if the wheels are wider than 9.0 inches or if the suspension is lowered.

I would also assume that most all offsets will rub a little in the front with 225 PSS's if the suspension has been lowered. That might be a harder issue for me to fix than my rear rub and amazingly I really did not rub in the front with 235 Toyos.

I figured I'd have a slight rub but it is much worse than that. I'm not just rubbing the inner liner as I had in the past, these tires rub my fenders at both the front and rear transition areas over bumps. I doubt I'll ever be able to get rid of all the rubbing. I swear they are very close to as wide as a 275 Toyo, Falken, or Nitto.

I also guess that's why the traction is so good, wider tires give better Also it's good that now I won't have to worry much about curbing my wheels, these tires run so full that I get pretty good tire protection.

I was able to drive my car home and I rubbed 4 times but I'm not gonna drive it more until I do some work. I plan to try to heat and pull my fenders some more and get a lightweight battery first. I assume I'll still add some camber after that. I bet I'll be able to make PSS's work front and rear but I'll probably have to raise my suspension some and add some camber.

This is helpful for me though. On E46fanatics many guys run 235/30/19 on 9.5" rears, and I did too without too much stretch, so I'm thinking I'll try out that size in the PSS and stretch it out a bit. From what you're saying, the 235 PSS will be like a 245 or 255 in any other wheel. That fatass sidewall is seriously killing me!

This is a 235 on a 19x9.5 but its Toyos. It's pretty much what my s.drives looked like, and its definitely not that crazy of a stretch. So I ill definitely get that size in PSS...

I'm hoping that will work for the rear, but now I'm worried about the front. If the 225 PSS is about the same as the 235 toyo it should be fine, but if 225 on the PSS ends up equalling 245 or more on any other tire, I might need more than a roll in front. Ugh. 225 is as small as PSS will go for a 19" wheel. I guess I'll have to experiment and hope I can roll the front fenders enough to accommodate what will likely be a 20 mm wider tire instead of the 10 mm difference I was expecting.

I understand the big sidewall helps with stability, but now I'm thinking that's kind of obnoxious if it makes a 255 tire actually be as wide as a 275. Just brand it a damn 275.

Keep me updated man! This is really helping me, and you definitely saved me from making a mistake with anything but 235 in back with these fat tires. I feel bad that you have to go through this crap, though!

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