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Originally Posted by jvmax View Post
The Z8 is another demographic than the 1 series crowd. The Z8 is the ultimate BMW beside the original M1 in 1979-80. And I dont think BMW will ever make another Halo car. I have always had my eye on a Z8 and I finally pulled the trigger back in Jan. The build quality of the Z8 is amazing, v8 power with the 6 speed manual is awesome. It is a special occasion car, whereas the 1M can be driven everyday which much more enjoyment.
Congrats, my dealership had a black one for sale a few months ago, a client of me has one imported from Germany. For 140k euros... not so long ago...

Special looks...It misses the limited slip diff to be the car it wants to be imho and well the E39 'M' V8 is a nice companion but that's about it. It's a car in a league of its own nontheless but imo definitely not comparable to a M1 tbh, M1 is Motorsport....maybe it's more cute

Z stands for future in BMW language but it looks like a 'modern' teutonic retro-ish interpretation of a Cobra(which is a good thing!), so where is the Zukunft in that gorgeous car?