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Originally Posted by Ender_ View Post
You own a Z8?

I love the styling of it and the grace but every review I read/watched said it drove like shit for what it costs. It isn't a drives car and if thats the case I'd say its in now way the "Ultimate BMW", BMW's are drives cars always have been.
The Z8 while beautiful if it doesn't drive well would be the ultimate MB or "place other lookers car here".
The Z8 isn't my cup of tea personally, a family member has one so I've had quite a bit of seat time; I feel like I'm getting out of a tractor when I'm done driving it. But, it is a thing of beauty and has a lot of various heritage bits. Know a guy that bought two and stuck one in a bubble boy type deal with filtered air etc.

Anyway, obviously the Z8 isn't the same type of car as a 1M..if you think thats what I was getting at...well then herpdy derp. I was simply making the point that BMW's best recent car they've really produced isn't far from 100k used, so the 1M in comparison doesn't match up.

Don't get me wrong, I like the 1m. I just think it doesn't add enough value for the massive increase in cost, 60-70k is pretty nuts, 100k is ludicrous...but if you can get it, run with it