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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
I hate it too but I was kind of stuck with this being the best option to try anyways.

My 255/30/19 Toyo T1Rs worked well but I still had so much room and I wanted more width so I was gonna try 265/30/19 if I stuck with them or with the Nitto N555s that I have on my fronts now.

I really couldn't find any other tires that I wanted to try in the widths that I needed. I was just hoping PSS's did not run THAT big. I see a few guys running ARC wheels which have great rear offsets talking about their fronts thinking they can go 235 or even 245. I don't think they'll get it to work. I think 225 is gonna be tough in the front. But I have to get my back worked out first anyways.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure a 235/35 PSS on the rear would have worked pretty well. I'm not sure that it would look any more stretched than my 255 Toyos and I wouldn't have had such a big gap above the top of my tires. 245/35 would be just as hard to get to fit as 255/30.

I should have taken some before and after pics, but to me it's always hard to really see how things like that look in pictures.
That's so crazy that you had plenty of room with 255 Toyos but you get the same size PSS and its such a difference. I knew the PSS run large but I would have never guessed that they're that huge. No wonder people are apparently rubbing with 255 on stock 18" wheels and suspension.

The arc-8 wheels definitely have a better offset, but they're 18" so that gives some extra clearance, but people who are lowered will definitely have some issues with 235 PSS up front without camber plates. I think 19" is perfect for this car, 18" was nice but just a little too small for my tastes. It just sucks that our offsets are so bad and our wheel wells and fenders leave no room for the fat wheels we need to get the massive torque our cars make down without losing traction. We can easily put down more ft lbs than a vette, yet here we are struggling with anything over 9" wide and vettes have those fat rear wheels. We need the stickiness of the PSS since we can't go wider for more traction, and of course the PSS is annoyingly wide anyway.

I guess I'll just go with 235 for the back. You've experimented enough with the back, and now it's my turn to experiment with the front haha. Thank you for the advice on the 235's. if you think they'll be the equivalent of a 255/30 toyo, I should be good with rolled fenders I'm back. You've definitely saved me a lot of headache.

Now, I got another question. For the front, on the passenger side, there's some plastic grating in front that covers the oil cooler. I took mine off to provide some more clearance just in case. I'm worried that the PSS will be not just wider but taller than advertised and ill have trouble with that area and the tire being too tall. Did you find the PSS to be taller than advertised too, or just much wider?

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