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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
I would not say that PSS's run tall. It's just obvious looking at them that they tried to make them bulge out at the wheel lip so they'd protect the wheels. They are somewhat squared on the top, but mostly they just really bulge on the side. I may not need new fronts for a year or more but I'm definitely gonna raise my front suspension before I try PSS's on the front.

I really don't have a cosmetic preference for 18s or 19s on our cars. I was looking for lightweight and another 1addict member had fit my Volks on his very lowered car and was selling them to go back to stock for possible trade-in.

For sure we have tons of torque to try to put down, especially on cold tires. My LSD helps tons but I still spin pretty horribly, especially with my worn out rear tires this winter. I'm betting new PSS's combined with warming weather will get me back to where I'll rarely have to mess with the traction control button, if I can get them to not scrub so I can use

That's good to know that they don't run tall, at least. Hopefully there will be enough room so they don't rub on the inside of the wheel well or anything. Have you pushed the car at all on the mixed tires? If the 225 PSS don't work out in front, I might just have to use a different tire up front, which wouldn't be ideal. Does it make the handling weird at all?

We're both just looking for the same damn thing... TRACTION! I'm jealous of your LSD, but it sounds like without the proper tires it's not even helping much!

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