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Originally Posted by Kgolf31 View Post
SO MUCH misinformation in this thread.

135i brakes WILL NOT give you any better performance, FACT.

I have not and will not track the 128, but I do for my Z4M. Stock pads are just not good. They are not meant to be driven hard.

I had trouble stopping during Autocross and refused to take them to the track.

I swapped to Super Blue and HP+ pads and I couldn't be happier. The car stops on itself.

Replace the pads and you'll be fine.

If not, have fun wasting money and finding out there is no difference.
...ahhh i feel you are making too much of a general comment.

By experience after tracking ( lime rock park i believe) with stock calipers and pads and BBK calipers and bmw pads, i found the braking to be AMAZING.. a much more harder pedal and definietly confidence building enough to brake a little deeper. If i recall my times were almost 2 seconds faster with the BBK on .

I have tracked my 128 for over 2 years...(even have won class champion !!) with the upgrades listed

stock pads will not survive long at the track.. ...
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