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Originally Posted by DriveHard View Post
...ahhh i feel you are making too much of a general comment.

By experience after tracking ( lime rock park i believe) with stock calipers and pads and BBK calipers and bmw pads, i found the braking to be AMAZING.. a much more harder pedal and definietly confidence building enough to brake a little deeper. If i recall my times were almost 2 seconds faster with the BBK on .

I have tracked my 128 for over 2 years...(even have won class champion !!) with the upgrades listed

stock pads will not survive long at the track.. ...
BBKs do not provide any extra stopping distance. They do not dissipate heat any easier than stock pads/rotors.

Pads have a heat limit, no matter what the size. Once you overcook that limit you're done. Doesn't matter if you have stock calipers or BBKs.

BBK is mental, it makes you have confidence and the thought that you can brake deeper, when in reality you can do the same with OEM calipers.

Tires will make you stop faster, brakes will not.

Going to BBK performance brakes will only add more rotational inertia (because they are indeed heavier), which in turn will only make you stop less effectively ,and longer than OEM.

Why can Grand-Am racecars stop effectively with non-BBKs? Think about that.

Tires rule all.

Get a pad that can dissipate heat, and run the stock rotor/pad size.

You can't argue against science.