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Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
Also, understand that the kit will add weight to the car, and many 128i guys think its just bling since the 135i brakes have let people down on the track(the pistons & dustboots crumbled under extreme heat, needing rebuilds using better parts).
Although they are great looking, i actually purchased mine with tracking in mind. I have had nothing but great success with them with over 2 years of trackin (time trials)

(For the record, I have probably inspected my calipers over 25 times, and espically after every track day, and have not had any seal / piston issues)

The Heat issue / crumbling piston is a complex, multi-faceted issue which i think most of us will never experience. Most of thoses that had the issues had:

a)poor cooling to the brakes / no cooling to the brakes
b) aftermarket pads which did not fit correctly ( and the rocking motion of the pads which added in my opinion to damaging the pistons )
c) incorrect fluid
d) no backing plates ( Titanimum really works )
e) agressive suspension / tires ( r-comps / slicks )
f) increased performance ( overwhelming the brakes at the track )

Everything has its limits... and for the "regular" guy with not much more better than regular car should have no problems with theses brakes as long as you take some simple percautions.

Like i said, ill be begining my 3 season of Time Trials in April..... With my pretty yellow calipers that have yet to let me down...

On the street... NO PROBLEM ever.......

me at watkins glen with a Miata up my arse.. ( little buggers carry amazing speed thru the corners ) and a picture of said brakes with my "f30" backing plates installed )
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