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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
I guess I don't drive my One hard enough or something but I've had two sets of mismatched tires and barely noticed it. Plus with this set my fronts were new when I already had 25k miles on my rears. Also the Toyo and Nitto models I was using were fairly similar. When I bought my wheels they had used Falken fronts and Hankook rears.

To me, the One just pushes and rolls going into a turn then spins the inside tire coming out. Mismatched tires don't really hurt or help that much. But I'm biased, my main other car is a Porsche 968 which to some people is one of the best handling cars ever.

The LSD doesn't nearly help enough to make summer tires work when they are worn out and when the weather is cold. However when I installed it about the same time I got new tires it was amazing how much difference there was. I had gotten used to what it took to break traction on my prior setup and then with the upgrade I think I went like a month before I ever got my first traction control light! For sure now when I spin I don't instantly get traction control interference, and barely at all if I hit the DTC button once and I'm not cornering.

I think some of the guys on the other thread are gonna try big PSS widths on their fronts very soon. Just give it a few more weeks and you might have a better idea there
Hmm that's interesting. I hope it never comes to that, but it's good to know mismatched tires aren't THAT bad if you're not pushing it too much. I'm just worried I'll never get the 225 to fit up front.

But you're right, I can wait for some other people to try to it bigger PSS and see how that works out and compare. Considering it's snowing again up north, I think I'll have some time to sort this stuff out.

That LSD sounds so nice though.

Originally Posted by KEI7 View Post
Wow this thread is a two men conversation lol.
But interesting to read, with so much info...
Haha, well anyone else who has any ideas about my situation is welcome to chime in! Glad the info is helping other people, though. Hate how annoying it is to fit anything good in terms of wheels/tires on our cars.

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