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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
Yes that is true you do need to still wash them, but even hosing them you can see the brake dust lift off (without the nanolex in the past it wouldnt lift the grime at all really)
Ah, sounds like it's working correctly then. I was worried I wasted my time/money because everyone talks about how they just spray them with water haha.

Originally Posted by TWD View Post
Hence why we use the Nanolex ULTRA on wheels.
Hard Body is a paint sealant and not really suited for wheels. We have used this on wheels before. It gives a great finish and makes the wheels easier to clean, but not as good as Nanolex Ultra.
And yes, once sealants have been applied (depending on driving/usage) you will still need to get in there with your pH neutral car wash and microfibre mitt.
On a side note, did you buy Kenny's old car? What wheels are on there now? I saw them at the dyno day...they look fantastic!
I did haha. Thanks! I didn't get a chance to meet you that day . Didn't realise that you were there.

They're Forgestar F14s that I managed to pick up new from another forum member. The colour is called Brushed Titanium which is painted silver, has the face machined and then is clear coated. I love the look of black rims but this finish is quite unique and when clean looks pretty stunning so I think I'll keep it like this for a while haha. They're a bitch to keep clean though. Can't wait until I do my brakes job and replace them with cool carbons. Hopefully that'll help. That and buying some wheel woolies or something like Joe.
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