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Congrats, I'm sure we'll appreciate the great tires and the extra rubber once we get everything working!

A few with similar setups (especially some of the CS7 custom order guys) have made it work, although alot depends on how low the suspension sits. I have no idea if my coils can go higher, I assume they will if need be.

245/35 will be very similar to get to fit to 255/30. Some would prefer the 35 profile to help avoid wheel damage on potholes, etc. Actually I found out I had a wheel ding that even made the tires hard to see on my install.

I still haven't worked or drove mine. We had a cold front come through and I guess I'm still trying to figure out the easiest way to do it. I figure that I'll drop by Butler Tireand see if they can add around a degree of rear camber. While I have it at a shop I think I'll get them to raise my front suspension to a tad above my current front tires to balance out my gaps better and get ready for when I go to PSS fronts.

I need to go ahead and order a lightweight battery kit. I also plan to park one wheel on a big bump to exactly locate where I'm rubbing and then heat up my fender and bend on it some more. I don't plan to get another alignment/corner balance until I get everything working both front and rear.
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