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Originally Posted by T1T2GRE View Post
Well, I didn't do any formal dyno stuff. With a 5 month old around, there's not much free time. I did the tune, then the midpipe about a week later.

Tune: Obvious difference. It seems to pull over a broader range than the stock setup. At first, it's deceiving, because you don't have that lurch/rapid change that the stock setup has. It just pulls more smoothly. Then you look down at the speedo and . And then I depressed the M button. . Holy smokes! It just pulls over a wider range and does it with such quiet ferocity that it's scary. I will not be taking off the DSC for a long time.

Midpipe: Somewhat of a let-down, honestly. However, that might be because I picked it up and the car had already been warmed no cold-start nirvana there. I haven't had the chance to cold-start yet, so I will followup post later. It does get rid of the highway drone. It aso *does* sound more aggressive at higher RPMs/WOT.

Tune + midpipe: It *seems* like the tune is even a little more noticeable with the midpipe/less "restricted", though I could be imagining it. With the two together, the car pulls like an animal. It's really deceiving.

Sound: As above, better at WOT. Presumably cold start will be better (more on that later). Drone deleted.
Throttle responsiveness: Improved/no lag, especially in M mode.
Resonance: A little deeper. It's subtle.
Thanks for that. If I go engine mods it'll be in order: n55 mids, then a self-loadable tune. However I think I will probably spend resource on suspension first. Enjoy your re-upped beast.