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Haha yeah, I don't think I've ever seen annoying disappointed with these except for the fitment and rubbing issues! Can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can get these on. Gotta get the fenders rolled first, though haha.

If I coulda gotten 245/30 in PSS I would have. I just don't know how they respond to stretch, and even though I'd rather not have a taller tire in back, I've been looking at old pictures with the yokohamas and there is definitely some room for a taller tire, it was the width that concerned me. That's as long as I roll the fender to get it out of the way... I'm raised as high as it gets, so that's not an option. You're lucky you have that p-car to drive around while you figure out the kinks of the PSS. As of now I don't have another car, so if it rubs horribly I'm going to have to suck it up :P And I seriously hope I don't have to resort to a lightweight battery just to get the tires to work. Time will tell I guess haha

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