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Update time!

Today I mounted the PSS on the wheels, and the wheels on the car. I had the fenders rolled by forum member HyperM3 (a short review on his awesome job will be coming up). Didn't change the ride height on the coilovers at all switching from the winter wheels.

I haven't had an opportunity to drive on these tires yet because today it's actually 45 damn degrees and soaking wet out, even though this weekend it's supposed to get sunny and 60+. Two days ago it was 88, and I was ruining my snow tires driving like that. Damn weather. Oh well, tomorrow seems like a nice day for a car wash and some testing of the tires.

Here are some pics of the set up as it is now. Not the best quality, I know, but they're from my cell and it was starting to get dark out:

Front tire mounted:

(I'm also aware there are two rivets missing. Gonna glue them in later this weekend)

Rear tire mounted:

I'm pretty happy with how the tires look mounted on the wheels. They don't look very stretched at all, and the sidewall is very near vertical. Definitely not as badly stretched (looks-wise) as the Yokohamas that were on last summer. The PSS really have some beefy, chunky sidewalls, even though they're not quite THAT square... they're just fat.

Front wheel mounted:

Rear wheel mounted:

There's a bit of room for travel, but I still have the feeling I'll still rub on big dips like I did last year based on the size of the fender gaps and the slight poke. Hopefully it won't be too bad. The fender roll will probably save me some headache in back, though. I can tell that even if the spring compresses and it rubs, it'll just hit the felt lining and not any metal so that's not even an issue for me. The front is what I'm more worried about, but I guess time will tell. Tires are 225/35 and 245/35, upsizing from 215/35 and 235/30. I'll give another update once I've had a chance to see just how serious the rubbing situation is. Thanks for looking!

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