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Another update if anyone's interested. Drove around for a while after doing the fender pull earlier today (DIY above). It's MUCH MUCH better. Before I was bracing myself and cringing at pretty much every little bump and dip. Now, with just a light pull, I can actually drive pretty aggressively and not worry so much about rubbing all the time and shredding up the front tires. There are still times I rub.. bigger dips, bumps and stuff while the wheels are turned, but I am confident with just a little more time and pulling, this setup can fit very well with no real problems. No paint cracks, either!

Anyone else running 19" PSS on a lowered car? Other than Eyeman and me, I haven't seen anyone else on this forum with a lowered car on 19" PSS. Everyone with PSS has 18" sizes if lowered at all, and everyone lowered with 19" wheels has stretched Toyos/Falkens/etc. Is this a first?

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