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That's true. I'm dumb. Of course the rolling diameter has to be the same or else the speedo/odo would be off!

I'm raised to close to max on my coils. Still well below stock height, though.

Some more ideas for minimizing rub - camber plates (duh). pulling alignment pins (already done). M3 parts (already done).

Another idea is using linear springs. Since my coils have progressive springs, the initial spring rate is very soft and they compress a lot more than a linear spring would at first. By doing HPA's swift spring conversion for the coilovers, I could probably stop rubbing on dips because the spring won't compress as much.

I played around with it more today, and I am confident to say that with some pretty intense pulling, I am almost back to where I was last summer in terms of rubbing. It only happens on bigger dips, during hard turns over a bump, or with a lot of weight in the car. That's a little worse than last summer, but my work isn't done haha. No paint damage or anything using my ghetto fender pull method, and the lines don't look half bad. I'll keep playing around with it!

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