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Originally Posted by Linwe View Post
Holy crap! I'm getting my bearings done on Monday and it's going to cost me about $350 parts + $99 for an hour's labour. Does bearings for a 135i cost THAT much more?
Slightly OT....

Well, this place isn't a stealership and is known for straight-shooting and had been honest and up-front on previous topics. So I don't think I got ripped off and other service aspects I've compared appear to be on-track.

The bearings alone were $542 each, and of course there's two of them, plus there's $231 in labour because there's quite a bit to gain access and then 8 bolts at $6 each. At least.. that's what my invoice says! :-)

Back on topic...

I do previous remember hearing clicking of some minor sort when reversing in hard lock into my car space, but nothing significant. I thought it might be a little bit of rub on the (OEM) tyres under full lock. Either way, I paid closer attention tonight and it did NOT happen so maybe it was the bearings... or maybe not. I haven't had anything significant done since that service, but it does seem like the 1-series click mystery continues.