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Mine was connected to the boot. I undid the boot ring (compressing from the sides) and then straddled the frame tunnel and pulled with all my might. The knob let loose of the shaft and the boot came up with it, along with the trim ring. Had I not removed the trim tring first, I am sure that pulling the knob off would have ended up ripping the boot.

Removing the trim ring from the console 1 minute
Straddling the tunnel, pulling the knob off 1 minute
Removing the old boot and tacking the new knob in place 3 minutes
Redoing it; the knob wasn't facing in the right direction when installed 2 minutes
Reattaching the boot trim ring to the console 1 minute

Total time including screwup 10 minutes or less.

A forum member now has my 'stock' knob...
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