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Originally Posted by EIN M View Post
I regard everything you listed as lugging.
What I do in those circumstances:
1) I cruise on the highway at 2000+ rpm which is occasional since I don't cruise much! The one device I never used in any of my cars is the cruise control anyway. In 1M I also do not use the bluetooth since I don't like receiving or making calls while I drive, this one is a bit too grumpy I know.
2) I don't try to accelerate from low rpm when I am at 6th, don't even like the sixth, down shifting is better in every respect. The gears that I floor the gas pedal for passing (in gear acceleration) is 2 to 4th, I even down shift from 5th to 4th let alone 6th.
3) I don't roll towards red lights, not good for compound brakes

Yes we do have loads of low down torque but the engine is still much happier after 2000, even 2500 rpm. Dynoes also show that in reality max torque is reached in mid 2000s which confirm (at least my) butt dyno. So, for cruising 2000 to 3000 makes more sense to me, cause it is more pleasant, you always have full tq on stand by ready to start flying in case you need to pass, and as long as you drive smoothly by avoiding unnecessary braking and by looking ahead and adapting to traffic which most people find too much of a job but imo is the essence of driving on public roads, I bet you also waste only a fraction of more gas if any compared to trying to cruise around 1000 to 1500 rpm.

Just try to change your driving behaviour a bit, see what the car likes more, there is no car with a sweet spot starting with idle and ending at rev limiter, you need to find it; that's my advice.
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