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I've been doing some research into what to use on my door seals to eliminate the wind noise I hear sometimes at highway speeds. I've found that using silicon based products is a no no and that is why BMW stopped offering the gummi pflege and now offer Carbaflo. Any body have input on this?

According to Auto Geek (link) it has no silicone and is safe for rubber.

1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” conditions rubber weather seals on car doors, windows and trunks, protects and keeps the rubber elastic, restores color to dried out rubber, protects against extreme temperature and UV rays. Einszett’s solvent-free, water-based formula is packaged in an easy-to-use shoe polish-type applicator that makes application simple and neat.

1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick has become a staple item in the garages of detailers who’ve tried it. It is an incredible rubber protectant that maintains the look, feel, and function of rubber door seals and surfaces from day one. It leaves a natural-looking, protective finish that blocks out the elements and keeps rubber looking like new.

1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is a real standout product among rubber protectants because it is water-based and non-silicone. Silicone gives rubber products their shine but it attracts dust and dries out the rubber over time. 1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick protects the rubber under a safe, water-based formula that does not attract dust and it’s healthy for the rubber.

1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” isn’t a dye or darkener. The treated rubber will look conditioned, but there is no artificial color. If your rubber needs restoration, apply Forever Black Bumper and Trim Dye and allow it to dry. Then apply Gummi Pflege to the rubber to maintain the look and feel of the rubber.

1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures so you can use it underneath the hood on rubber hoses. It maintains their flexibility and, of course, keeps them looking great.

1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is packaged in a sponge-tipped applicator bottle, which makes it extremely easy to apply it to rubber weatherstripping.

If you want to maintain your car’s rubber surfaces or you are looking to recondition weathered surfaces, 1Z Einszett Rubber Care Stick “Gummi Pflege” is a tried and true solution.