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Thanks for the help guys! An update:

I finally ended up bringing it to the dealership a couple months ago and they said the instrument cluster is dead and needs to be replaced. I went to another shop and they said they may have one from a wrecked 1 series but after many weeks of trying to locate it, they found out the instrument cluster was fried too.

Now the dealership has quoted me $1,250USD for the instrument cluster and cost to re-program. Everything on the Cayman Islands is inflated so yes I know the price is ridiculous. I tried searching on Ebay for one, but I've only found a few and the few I found were all from Europe.

Anyone have any suggestions on a cheaper alternative or if a second hand one will work (I believe there will be a tampering warning on the dash - but other than that, will it need to be re-programmed? If it does I think only the dealership on island only has the capability to do it and don't think they will do it on a used cluster). I think I might just have to bite the bullet on this one...