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Originally Posted by pendragn View Post
Just ordered a new 128i Convertible from Cartelligent...they collected their $300/$500 fee (which ever service you want) and they do all of the calling and researching and give you a a price.

For me, that price was about $1200 UNDER invoice on an ordered car.

I have had similar luck in the past...of course it is all about availability and what deals they can find, but they do give a guarantee that if you can find a better deal, they will refund their fee....
Honestly because negotiating for me was really easy. I went online saw the invoice for my car, saw what other were paying and went in to the dealer I test drove at and said "This is the price I am paying, you guys gave me a good test drive so you can either do that price or I will call one of the other dealers in the area (I live in LA so there are a bunch) and will order it from whoever will meet that price. Either way I am leaving in the same car today so it doesn't matter. So you can either take the price and get to say you sold a car today or I am going. Which is it" He proceeded to go to the manager who agreed to the deal and it was drawn up.

When I leased my car before I basically went in and said I want this car (which I found online at the dealer) and will pay this price or I am walking and that deal was done quickly. So I guess I have not seen a need for a car buyer service. Just FYI I paid under invoice as well and the price we agreed on for my prior lease was done with a value under invoice so I don't think I lost anything. Dealers don't expect to make much anymore on new cars. Its the service and used cars that they roll in dough on.