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Dan Parker

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How many amateur track days would say are left on the tires? A track day is 4 20 minutes sessions of lapping a road course like Laguna Seca. No idea how to interpret heat cycles.
Sorry for the delay. This is a really tough question to answer. Tracks, cars, weather, and driving style all vary a lot. Some run their track tires until they see cord while others use them until the wear bars are touching pavement. Since you are talking about not competing you aren't looking for the best times but longevity and consistency. I used them on 2 tracks that are known to be easy on tires so they should have quite a bit more life on them. The car was aligned well so there is no uneven wear. I think the pictures show this well. I wish I could answer your question with more precision but there are too many variables for me to do anything but speculate.
Dan Parker