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Originally Posted by ervgotti01
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Hahaha...yeah, well this one time...I just mentioned the word ethanol and my car went in to limp mode!

To the around for a dealer that would work on your car with a Cobb tune still installed? Gotta question that judgement call...why didn't you simply remove it as opposed to taking the risk of having your car flagged?


Because when you uninstall the Cobb flash tune ie flash it back to stock, it automatically erases any codes. I couldn't get the codes to pop up under the stock tune hence I had to keep the tune in with the codes on when I took it to the dealership. And dealerships won't do any warranty work without codes. It's all in my original post, Also I called around meaning on the phone they didn't know who they were talking to.

To everyone saying I've been running E85 for so long yada yada yada. I'm not trying to dissuade from using it, all I'm saying is if you are out of warranty there is a chance that you can have multiple injectors fail suddenly which is a costly fix if you're not expecting it. I logged my car multiple times a week when I was running E85 daily and had no signs of failure. No misfires, fuel pressures in check (LPFP and HPFP), Fuel trims in check (STFT and LTFT) and then bam 4 failed injectors.

As I stated in my original post, there are multiple batches of injectors out there and there is a chance that you can have two different batches on your car. Some batches might be more sensitive to E85 than others. So if you can't afford to pay, I suggest not playing with E85.
+1 agreed, e85 allows for more aggressive boost and timing, which in turn will accelerate the wear on certain parts of the car, if you are not prepared to take care of something down the line if it fails, you should stay away from e85 as it hasn't been determined if it does have a negative effect of certain parts of the engine or fuel system.

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