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Originally Posted by Jay-K View Post
looking back at this thread again.. this is one of the cleanest BSM 1m outthere, its simple, classy and elegant..

DUDE how did u manage to get your car so clean and shiny all the time, im jelly, are you ex-detailer or something? lol
Thx Man !!
No I'm not, but the Guy who does my detail is passionate about his job. He is great.

@Oz : my friend can testify that we ALMOST reached 270, I was watching straight ahead and not the speed-o, I don't Know what difference there is between real speed and reading speed....
Anyway a friend of mine, also 1M owner told me that électronic speed limit was at 275 speed-o. Don't Know where's the truth but I can tell you that we were pretty fast and had FUN !!!
My car is stock, only N55mid.