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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
I am sure that you are telling the truth LuuZ so since your car has almost no power it like Sport Auto super test was done with a slowing down (or not pushing the car) at the final section?

Could it be like this the 1M couldn't repeat, let alone better the 8.12 that BMW test drivers reportedly clocked during testing?

Final section is the only section where 1M was slower than the M135i and considerably slower than a M3, at the straight it reached a mere 243 km/h as von Saurma being the pilot...which I always found bizarre...more so now.

Having driven the Renault Megane RS 265 Cup myself a few months ago, a car who has a better Ring time than the 1M, there is no way that I will take this Sport Auto time as a reference for what 1M was/is capable of, it is way off. It is a so-so time coming from one of the most experienced Ring drivers on a traffic free lap, I am too old to believe in coincidences with a blind eye.

243 kmh @ Döttinger Höhe isn't very fast, but Von Saurma also said he and the car felt nervous/itchytwitchy blabla, but maybe he didn't push it because of not getting in the way of BMW //M/ and M3 V8 owners...who knows.

Advevo/Andre told me once with a stock 1M < 8:05 is possible. Who am I to disagree.

In bold: The Megane RS did 8:29 in the hands of Von Saurma...

But the Megane RS also did a 8:08(?) with a Renault pro testdriver.

Talking about one driver/one carmag, I 'd say:
Apples to apples

Furthermore the new Sportauto testdriver Christian Gebhard is a fresh capable and imo faster successor to the still-ok-but-getting-older Horst von Saurma.