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Originally Posted by IGoFast1589 View Post
It's in the nature of suspension man... Wheel hop happens when you accelerate hard and the wheels are pushed forward in the wheel wells under intense grip, the rear toe changes, the car looses grip and the wheels spin, suspension returns back to position under wheel spin, the car gains grip again aggressively and the dynamic alignment specs tweak again as the wheels are pushed forward, the car looses grip again and so on.

A limited slip, springs, sways won't do anything. Proper suspension arms and bushings will help minimize the amount of deflection and thus dynamic alignment change while taking off but it's not something you can "cure". Arms, bushings (control arms and subframe) and feathering the throttle properly is what you need mate. Dampers can help as well if the dampers aren't able to properly dampen the suspension movement, but you said you got a set of Koni's already.

+1 right here. There's no absolute fix, maybe besides buying a Mustang. It's the nature of an IRS. You might get rid of 98% of it by replacing every bushing with metal, but then the car will have serious amounts of NVH.

Honestly I don't think it is that bad considering. Really should only get wheel hop when you're spinning tires, so if you just back off the throttle you'll reduce wheel hop AND make your car go faster. If you want a car for doing sick burnouts, buy a Mustang.
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