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Defective ignition coils common?

A few days ago I was at a stop light. When I started out, something was a bit off. When I shifted into 2nd, something was way off; engine stumbling and it wouldn't get over 2,200 RPM. I pulled off the road and shut it down. Start it up and everything is fine. Oh, when the engine was stumbling the 'service engine soon' idiot light came on.

The next day I took the car to the dealership. Turned out to be a defective #6 ignition coil. They replaced that and the spark plug since it was fouled from the misfires. They also replaced the rear brake pads since they were below spec. All under warranty; that was nice.

OK, was this just an odd event? Do you see this occasionally, or more often? BTW, the car has just under 32,000 miles on it.
Drive: '10 135i
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