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Originally Posted by gors32 View Post
Hi, I am planning to swap my E87 116i to S65 engine. I saw E82 conversion on this forum but i could't get much information from him. I would like to know how will work interior dash (would like to update to M3 one if possible, because I also read that M3 dash can be recoded to any engine, but what if I put s65 into 116 chassis??), what about DTC, ABS, and other ancillaries like power windows, Air con (I have manual one installed), radio etc?? will that work if I only order plug&play kit from KMS electronic or such similar standalone ECU? I know that engine fits right in, tranny too, but differential must be from M3. Does it fit to e87 116 subframe mounts?, or should I buy whole rear subframe with diff, sway bar, sway links and other stuff?? Probably drive shaft will be custom work right? because m3 is longer car,so original one will not fit, especially if diff is not from m3 because joint is different on M3 diffs than on other diffs..
Fuel pump must be transplated also, but with its own computer that is in the right side of trunk.
Anything else to worry about? I know that engine will fit in with no problem and that anything else will be custom work to fit (AC pipes, water pipes, radiator, tanks, exhaust etc).
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