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New Injectors Installed N54

Ok, so, I have pretty much every bolt on possible: AMS FMIC, BERK turbo back, AR DP's, AFE DCAI, Active BOV/charge pipe. Recently I purchased the COBB APV3 and ran the State 2+ stock throttle map. About 150 miles in I had a misfire in one or more cylinder and had been told my spark plugs had been fouled. Replaced all six. Ran fine until misfire again next morning. Was told my injectors were now bad and had all six replaced and told the shop to run my OEM map and take the access port off for the break in. No misfires 400 miles in but idles lean at 7600 RPM (6000 is normal).

My question is: if I decide to run my AccessPort again, how long will these new injectors last or could it had been that they went bad b/c of a combination of aftermarket parts prior to AP then with the install it just made sh*t hit the fan...
I want to run my COBB