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Originally Posted by 510135
This post contradicts itself in so many ways.
First you are looking at coilovers @ $2.5K a CORNER which for that kind of money would be primarily designed for a track focused car......
Then on the flip side you are looking at bags which are for hard parked cars who want the slammed look, with little to no focus on handling.
Sometimes I think you and Flinchy just like to post stuff like this to get people to react.
If you are serious stick to a brand of coils that are tried and tested and don't cost an arm and a leg. Besides you're driving ability will be the limiting factor not the coils, KW v2 are a nice place to start.
Is this going to be a track focused car? Are you a professional driver with very consistent lap times, hoping to shave tenths off your times? If yes then go ahead and buy the boutique coils. If not but want a nice drop and improved handling for spirited driving buy KW V1 or V2.
I wouldn't touch bags....
My 2 cents
I do realize that I'm not stupid

I'm actually still deciding whether to go for performance/track or a show car and wanted input from people with EXPERIENCE with MCA

who regardless I want to support rather than going KW because I know them and their work

And also, Because well quite frankly, Flinchy already has a track build in the works and I CBF, so I will most likely go for making my car slammed and showy. My understanding was that I was quite welcome to ask questions to help me make a decision on what I want to do on forums. This is why I don't post here usually when I want to know info

Your negativity towards me isn't welcome in this thread, I do not post things just to get a reaction. Sometimes I actually do know what I'm talking about