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Originally Posted by 510135 View Post
Sometimes I think you and Flinchy just like to post stuff like this to get people to react.
I wouldn't touch bags....
My 2 cents
i'm thinking that too, i don't even wtf.. I don't think she really understands how suspension works lol.

personally i'm all for the bags... either that or ohlins... noting that it's never going to be a track car...

ED: FTR i never post just to get a reaction lol.

Originally Posted by BMWlady View Post
I've already decided I really do not want KW so that's off the table. Hence why I have asked specifically about these two different particular suspension types
could have just asked me about it...

KW's are great except for the same price as V3's you can get the ohlins which i'd prefer.. and bags won't handle as well (still fine) but provide adjustability and are comfortable... Plus you can air out for looks.

and the golds aren't street friendly, they require rebuilding relatively often...

plus i've already said i want to get you bags LOL.

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