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Originally Posted by pd135
Originally Posted by BMWlady
Originally Posted by pd135
I wouldn't say there's many "crappy" options out there for a 135 to be honest.

"Doing it once and doing it right" still doesn't justify the cost of the 8k suspension setup on a car that will probably never get any track time.

Purely for aesthetics only. 8k is a lot of money for a drop.
What's to say the car will never get any track time

You know what I'm really gettin pissed off by?
Not being taken seriously when I ask a legitimate question about my car

Is it because I'm a girl or???
You all just assume I have no idea what I'm doing
Nothing to do with being a girl.

Just real talk.
Well it's not for aesthetics only... That's why I'm confused
And the comment was more aimed at everything else that has been said here

Honestly with the way I'm not getting any opinions on the way these perform besides "don't do it", it's no wonder I leave any other more technical questions to the other forums, at least there I'm not bombarded with "don't do it cos I don't like it mmkay?"